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If you ask anyone their favourite lifetime memories, chances are they will bring up a family holiday.

The beauty of the said memory is: it applies to both sides of the coin. Specifically, the said memory is either when young with their parents and grandparents or when adults themselves, taking their own children on a trip away from home.

Based on such experiences, there is some form of commonality along the lines of sharing joy with your family.

To extend further, it genuinely appears to make no difference whether it’s a cheap and cheerful camping trip in the chilly North East or a special, balmy exotic holiday to the West Indies. All in all, the memories of being together and having fun, sometimes even in adversity, will generally remain jubilant.


The Togetherness

Family holidays have got to be one of the most important bonding exercises you can experience when different generations spend a dedicated amount of time with each other.

For a few days, Mums and Dads can let go of thoughts of work and responsibility and children of all ages have their full attention.

Equally too, children can shrug off the need to be cool in front of their friends and just be themselves, spending quality time with their siblings for whom, all too often, they don’t have much time for in ‘normal’ life.

The bottomline is: travelling with family promotes togetherness. But, the positives do not stop there.


Learning for the Young

Holidaying with small children seems to require extra patience, offering no hope of settling down. However, it is a matter of great positives in the long term, especially if planned well.

Instead of dealing with it as things come along, shorter spells of different activities should be planned. Doing so allows a sense of structure and anticipation, freeing some time for you too.

Maybe a swim followed by an ice cream to win some quiet time with a book out of the sun. Or perhaps, an iced bun in a café and a trip around the lifeboat station.

Either way, what is incredibly helpful is some friendly assistance when you need it.

For instance, through our hiring services, we can offer a helpful air stewardess who is happy to bring some colouring pens and some extra milk for your child. Or a friendly driver who not only tolerates children on his coach or minibus, but actively likes and even entertains them!


Concluding Remarks

At the other end of the scale, taking teens on holiday needs careful planning and research.

An adventurous break can be amazing to experience with an older family in more than one way.

Hiking, diving and kayaking are all experiences unlikely to be experienced outside of a holiday and yet can all be enjoyed on home ground as well as in further flung places.

Planned short trips in the UK, and then extending to Europe, can be an amazing place to start, keeping everyone busy and active, enjoying new activities together.


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