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Apart from being fun and great for getting a sense of perspective, it’s indisputable that travel broadens the mind. Such a broadening of mind is not only allowing for considerable personal development but professional upping too.

And, the above is true even in the face of our previous talk around ‘The Changing Face of Travel for Growing Your Business Community’.

Here are 4 psychological benefits of business travel.


1. Business Travel and Self-Belief

The skills and qualities which widen your outlook and capability personally are also transferable to business. Therefore, business leaders who travel are able to put to good use all the benefits gained from their adventures away from home within the workplace.

For instance, absorbing and reacting to new cultures whilst away from home can greatly reinforce self-belief. More specifically, getting out of your comfort zone gives rise to the realisation that you can readily deal with ongoing challenges. Doing so adds to a real sense of self-worth and true belief in your own capabilities.

All in all, the confidence brought about by travel allows for greater business ambitions and ability to resolve difficulties along the way.


2. Business Travel and Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are key for business development in general. However, the need for interpersonal skills is undeniable in unfamiliar territory.

Add the limits of communication, specifically language, and the challenges may intensify.

For instance, the use of different languages can prevent the usual means of communication. Doing so creates the need for a greater focus on what people are actually trying to convey by picking up on body language, tone and reading situations.

Here, for the lack of better words, the skills used to read people are honed by travel and are incredibly useful to business leaders when dealing with staff and customers alike. In addition, an emphasis on understanding body language is helpful in making others feel their empathy and interest; arguably the heights of interpersonal skills.


3. Business Travel and Tolerance

It’s so easy to lack tolerance when external forces prove frustrating, stressful and outside of your control in business.

Sadly, stress can be cumulative. However, learning strategies to prevent stress from building up can be brought about by dealing with unexpected circumstances.

In fact, a lost ticket or confusion over a booking; maybe a flight delay or getting totally lost in a strange city can all be overwhelmingly stressful. But, managing these situations allows an understanding of how to cope, be resilient and come up with a resolution. And, as the theme of this blog goes, the said acquired abilities are readily applicable in business.


4. Business Travel and Open Mindedness

Another positive impact on a seasoned traveller is becoming more open-minded and flexible.

As mentioned earlier, learning to have to adapt to changing circumstances develops the capacity to look at things from a different viewpoint. Then, this ability to diversify a viewpoint can be translated into an ability to compromise when necessary.

In fact, this ability to compromise appropriately is one of the epitomes of great strength of leadership.


So on your next trip away, whether business or pleasure, take time out to consider how each challenge or unexpected turn adds to your capabilities and strengths both personally and in business.


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