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If you’re planning a long journey, the thought of standing in the aisle or being squashed into a tiny vestibule with masses of others is near-on unbearable. 

This is especially true of today’s climate, where social distancing is the norm.

Crowded public transport is more than just uncomfortable, it’s unthinkable.

Instead, it is far safer and much more sanitary, to book private transportation. In fact, private transportation is always cleaner and way less crowded to boot.

Irrespective of the current pandemic though, private taxis have always been the way to go.

To find out why you should book one for your next trip, instead of braving the train, bus, or tram, check out our top three perks of travelling by private taxi below…


1. Private Taxis are Faster and More Reliable

When you hire private transportation, you avoid those last-minute delays and cancellations that buses and trains are notorious for.

Also, you cut out all those bitty rural stops on your way.

These add on so much time to your journey. Instead, with a taxi, you’ll enjoy travelling directly from Point A to Point B at your own convenience.

That’s the other great thing about booking personal transport—it doesn’t matter if you’re running a few minutes late, your driver will wait.

Of course, you may still have made your bus, but is it really worth the risk and all that extra stress?


2. Taxis are Available 24/7

Even if you reside in the city, the chances are that access to public transport is severely limited after a certain time in the evening.

Even the London Underground tends to shut down between midnight and five a.m.

And, if you live in the countryside, you’ll be lucky to get a bus any time after seven p.m on weekdays, and five p.m. on weekends!

So, if you have to make an urgent journey that simply cannot wait until the morning, get in touch with a private taxi firm. They’ll have you sorted in no time, no matter what time you call them.


3. Knowledgeable Drivers

If you’re new to an area or just visiting for the weekend, navigating the local public transport system can feel incredibly daunting. 

Most of us have ended up catching the wrong bus the wrong way, and, of course, the bus driver was no help at all.

So, if you don’t want to end up in the wrong place, where you’ll have to wait an extra hour for another bus to take you back the other way, book your private transportation in advance. 

Your driver will take you via the most concise route to ensure you get to your desired destination on time – every time.  


Final Thoughts

If in doubt, and providing you have the budget, it’s always best to opt for a reputable taxi firm, over potentially crowded, Coronavirus-filled public transport systems.

These days, it’s by far the most convenient, quickest, and safest way to travel.


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This blog was produced in collaboration with our sister company’s new Oxford Taxis service.