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Previously, we have discussed ‘4 Factors that Constitute a Truly Luxurious Coach Hire’.

By doing so, we deciphered the misconceptions within the transport hire industry and its services.

However, within our services sector, you may not know a brand by its name. And, in reality, the only way to showcase luxury within our sector is through the provision of the needed service. Same cannot be said for more well known businesses.


Laying the Groundworks

Let’s ask some related questions:

  • What does luxury mean to you?
  • Which brands do you associate with premium?
  • What comes to your mind when you hear Waitrose, Ralph Lauren or even Porsche?

The way our outlook is built, when you hear the term luxury, certain images may come to your mind. A luxury house perhaps with all the imaginable amenities included. Such visions are quite far off from the luxury push of the brands mentioned above.

So, how have the presented brands built an image of luxury?

Here is our breakdown of the 5 contributing elements:


1. Rarity

Luxury is often packaged in smaller batches.

Simply, you cannot have a Waitrose at every corner like a Tesco. By doing so, Waitrose may be able to make more sales, but it will devalue its own brand.

And, this branding is usually more valuable than the cash itself.


2. Impact on Senses

Luxury will seldom be noticed by a single human sense.

Imagine a luxury home that stinks. You simply cannot imagine luxury with smelling bad. Without even thinking about it, you have concluded that a luxurious place will smell good too.

So is the case with other senses. Physical comfort; an aura of value from each minute point.

Apply the same principle to high class Oak or an expensive Bentley. Brands will target more than a single sense of yours; always.


3. Freedom

A step forward, a brand will go further than pleasing your senses.

More specifically, think of a luxurious lodge. Is it cramped for space or do you have more than enough to move around?

Think of the same in terms of Waitrose vs Lidl. For instance, think of the isle spacing and sizes.

Simply, brands will make you feel more free in your own space.


4. Bespoked

 A luxury item is rarely mass produced.

And, a luxury item is rarely of a lower quality.

Unique pieces cannot be juiced at mass markets. And, therefore, bespoke items are usually known to be of a higher standard or customised to a specific group of people. Simply, more care goes into bespoking luxury items and the results speak for themselves.


5. Purpose / Story

You may think that every business has a story behind it.

By thinking so, you may be right at a fundamental level.

But, what makes the story of a luxury item unique is the purpose; the drive; behind it. We may call this an added passion for producing something better than what is out there.

Think of it this way: more than the tech or the phones themselves, Apple is more of a product of the personalities of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.


Concluding Remarks

And, this is how we look at our business as a luxury transport hire.

With 14 years of service, we have specialised our services to cater the right market for us.

Whether it’s brand new vehicles that are upgraded to match your needs or the customisation that goes into it, our whole thinking is built around how we can bespoke our services for you.

To learn more about our services, get in touch today.