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Luxury, as a mere term, is used pretty loosely these days.

However, we believe there is a need for real luxury in coach hire in Milton Keynes. Therefore, we have set out some of our initial thoughts to what makes a good luxury coach hire for you.


1. The On-Point, Feel-Good Interior

In line with human nature, the first look of luxury is in the appearance itself.

Instead of old, out of style seating, you need an interior that speaks for itself. You can almost feel the luxury when truly applied.

Therefore, we believe luxury is about the feel good factor. For instance, our furniture and seats are custom built to suit client needs, both in terms of design as well as comfort. Our new fleet, being launched in 2020, is having seats with the Aston Martin leather seat stitching. We look forward to showcasing pictures on our social media soon.

Stay tuned.


2. The Up-to-Date, in-Demand Technology

If interior is the ‘always need number one’, up to date technology is the ‘need number one of the day’.

Imagine luxury without a good wifi connection, screens, USB charging, and more.

Therefore, in order to stay up to date with technology, we regularly update our fleet of coach vehicles, so customers can have the freshest experience possible. As technology updates with time, it’s important for us not just to provide the expected but to exceed expectations. We also innovate to see the customer demands. For example, we’ve had a custom made vehicle installed with a glass roof and a fridge. 

In addition, our coaches come with a TV, USB charging, and wifi because we know how important having good connection is when working on the go or streaming for leisure.


3. The Fundamental, High Quality Service

The fundamentals of luxury are extended at client service.

There are a lot of choices on the market for products and services, but is the company willing to go the extra mile rather than finding ways to cut corners.

Luxury is not just about the visuals and aesthetics but how does the brand make you feel.

Therefore, luxury companies pride themselves on building a brand where their offerings consistently gets better whereas others will have a product that deteriorates over time. Just by having consistency does not make you luxurious because otherwise McDonald’s would need to come into the luxury category.

A business that understands its customers-needs because the customer journey has been mapped out is usually on the road to a luxury experience because at the heart of the customer’s journey is simplicity and ease of access. In addition, customers who expect a high quality service are also willing to fork out the money for it.

For example, a normal person would have expected a luxury hotel to have a reception staff member and services available 24/7, where as a 2 star you wouldn’t have the same high expectations. As a rule of thumb – you get what you pay for.


4. The Essential Health and Safety Parameters 

Health and safety, in general, are important, especially in transportation.

However, health and safety becomes a paramount parameter in luxury.

Therefore, our coaches are purchased brand new, costing around and over £150,000 each and we are able to always accommodate clients because of the number of coaches we service in Milton Keynes itself. 

This level of spending and options allows OMC to be proud of our fleet, warranting regular maintenance, health and safety checks, and looking after in general, not just because of the investment in the business but also based on our service-value itself. In addition, we have on-site cleaners because we aim to double check that the vehicles are good to go and exceed customer expectations.


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