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The nature of business travel within the context of developing our businesses has changed. And, understanding this change in business travel is crucial to how you develop your business.

Generally, businesses, especially B2Bs, operate within an ecosystem. This ecosystem usually comprises of your close connections that you have built over time. However, thinking that business expansion can happen within a singular bubble, let that be your ecosystem, will be a grave mistake. Businesses expand on the back of an expanding ecosystem and bringing new players into the mix.

Expanding that circle gets harder and harder as you get busier with internal, organisational matters. And, this expansion generally happens on the back of travelling for business in one form or another.


The Evolution of Business Travel

Our take on the said evolution of business travel is based on the change in demand in the last 14 years.

OMC takes pride in having been able to serve the local community for the said length of time. But, we have seen the demands of the market change around us during this time. Things have gotten increasingly digital while using physical travel as a final, almost finesse touch.

However, this digitalisation of the market is just the tip of the ice.

From an outside view, the overall travelling in terms of business has reduced. But, important for us, the market is now more interested in specialisation.

Therefore, we have diverted our efforts to mainly focus on luxury travel. Whether it’s chauffeured services or minibuses, the demands of the market now touch extensions that would have been deemed extra. Now, meeting spaces, wifi on the car, comfortable seating, etc. need to be a part of the package.

And, such change is not just in the case of new businesses. Even long life businesses that have been around through this time have also upped their demand for comfort and, at least, borderline luxury.

Don’t take us wrong. There is still a demand for fit-for-purpose companies but they are able to extract little value unless there are extensive numbers to make up for it.

Think of it like Primark vs any luxury brand. Primark might sell more items but not make nearly the same amount of money per sale. However, Primark has the right numbers to back its sales and profits and is therefore still thriving.

In any case, some things never change.


Building Long Term Relationships

Whether you are providing luxury or just fulfilling the needs of a market, some things never change.

Of course, in terms of developing your business, we are talking of building, maintaining, and extending relationships. And, we have stood by the principles of developing business in the said way.

Even today, if you would like to discuss the market and extend your business network, the senior team at OMC Global is interested. We understood that it’s not just about making the next sale; it’s about understanding the needs of the businesses. Put simply, we are fellow entrepreneurs trying to read the market, just like you and your business.

And, on the topic of expanding your ecosystems, we are fully in the swing of things too.

Starting in Oxford, we have heard our calling from Milton Keynes and got onto things, extending our ecosystem.

And, along the lines of using digital sources, we have included search engine optimisation and LinkedIn sales navigator into our marketing strategy.

To learn more, get in touch with us today.