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We are not going on an anti-digital rant, but there is no substitute to a nice day out.

Social interaction and truly creating memories is the ‘in front of our eyes’ secret to good physical and mental health in today’s digital age. As a society, we spend a lot of time on our phones and laptops, whereas we want to encourage groups to get out there and do socials that bring people together physically.


What Makes Us ‘Humans’?

Have you ever stopped and thought about what makes us human

Specifically, have you ever thought why are we on top of the food chain?

Scientifically, there are multiple reasons given for this presented question. From the way our brain is developed to the way humans started trading across boundaries. But, one reason stands out for us more than anything else.

In the animal kingdom, it is generally stronger animals who have the upper hand. However, having said that, humans are not as strong as many other animals. So, the next thought goes straight to the street smarts. You will be right in assuming the smartness to be the reason here. But, how did this smartness come along?

In our opinion, the answer is pretty simple. What makes us unique is the ability to be social. We are going to assert here that all other positives; the collaborations; the relationships; stem out of this ability to be social and out there.

So, if we have convinced you enough, here are three ideas to get out there.


1. Themed Activities

Our first suggestion is this blog is visiting theme parks.

The good thing about theme parks is that they are no longer just for kids. With the expanding number of options, they have a little bit of everything for all age groups.

In fact, if you show up to Alton Towers or Thorpe Park, you’ll see more adults than kids. So, the popularity of these parks extends Milton Keynes or any other specific city in the UK. However, Milton Keynes has a distinct advantage here.

Specifically, Milton Keynes is situated in an ideal location to reach both these suggestions. Such is the convenience that you can reach both these locations within 90 minutes. However, if you want to truly enjoy, you need to consider the complete trip.

If you are a group of 10 to 15, you could reach the parks with 2 or 3 cars. But, the real trip does not begin at the gates of the park. If you truly want to share the experience, the fun begins from the moment of leaving your home. Imagine the excitement all the way along, being shared with your loved ones.

So, consider grabbing one of our minibuses and live the experience to the fullest.


2. London Science Museum

Sharing social experiences isn’t just about out and out ‘fun’.

In all fairness, ‘fun’ is a relative term and for many, learning is as ‘fun’ an activity as jumping up and down on ride. To be fair, it’s all about personal tastes.

Along the educational lines, a number caught out eye. 3.3 million visitors a year come to visit the London Science Museum in South Kensington. And, this number extends to visitors from all across the world. The amazing part is, it takes just an hour from Milton Keynes to reach South Kensington. Once again, the opportunity is right there for you.

We don’t have to tell you about the learning opportunities, along with the overall experience itself.


3. University Societies

The third suggestion in this blog comes from our extended local experience.

OMC Global started in Oxfordshire as part of its sister company oxford minibus hire. And, because of our roots and connections, we are aware that Oxford University Student Union regularly organises trips and events.

Such socials, collaborations and conversations are at the heart of great beginnings, both in terms of education and experiences. It will not be wrong to say that such experiences build a thriving community.

Similarly, our marketing partners, Marketing Voice Milton Keynes, shared a similar experience with us. One of the co-founders, Harmeet, was part of a university society where they hired a minibus to do a trip out to the peak districts. And, the relationships that came out of that trip are maintained to this day.

All in all, the university experience can turn stressful for many of us. Therefore, in any case, arranging some day trips out into nature can be good for your health, allowing you to take part is a more relaxing activity.


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