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What is the future of transportation in Milton Keynes, and in the UK in general?

To begin, technology and digitalisation has been able to advance the services for locals moving around, as per their requirements.

But, before we can see how the passenger industry is developing we must first look into the past.

Let’s go right back to the beginnings of Milton Keynes briefly.


Short History of Milton Keynes

From a population perspective, the area constituting Milton Keynes today has had its first settlements of about a 1,000 people around 2,000 BCE. This makes the area forming Milton Keynes itself older than England.

From a planning and execution perspective, Milton Keynes holds the distinction of being the biggest city in the UK, when the plans to build a new city in South East England were put forward. From there on, as the population grew, so did the need for extended transportation options.


Transport in Milton Keynes

Beyond cars and public buses, and with the development of private businesses, vehicles in Milton Keynes have  evolved for necessary occasions. For example minibuses are great for smaller groups and able to negotiate bends a lot easier than coaches.

On the other hand, some drivers are able to rent a self drive minibus for family and relatives  Specifically, a standard vehicle licence will allow you to drive up to 16 passengers, with the added requirement of not charging the passengers. There are further criteria, where those interested are able to get full information from the DVLA website.


Urban Services in Milton Keynes

Arriva was the first major company to put their steps in Milton Keynes.

They did so by acquiring a local company, called MK Metro in 2006.

While an initial growth was enjoyed by Arriva, their operations in the city have now reduced to the main route only, covering the city centre.

Today, multiple local companies are operating in the region, while there are extending opportunities for luxury transportation hire. Therefore, OMC Global have also extended their operations in the region, especially in the minibus and coach hire categories.


The Future of Luxury Transportation – Minibus and Coach

Cars and other popular transportation has already seen progression, for example in terms of electric vehicles. Once cost effective, these innovations will also come into minibuses. On the other hand, wifi, USB charging, and storage are the minimum requirements today, while luxury options extend to more comfortable and stylish interiors and higher service standards in general.

Also, from the perspective of sustainability and environmental friendliness, there have been pressures and the need for improving our footprint, where OMC Global is no different.

In addition, we are also bringing in technology to track our hires. Stay tuned for the launch of the mobile app in the next 6 months.


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