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Company culture’ has come into limelight in the last decade or so.

This emphasis on company culture has put the overfocus on the bottomline out of the picture. In reality, if a company is able to create an environment that employees want to stick to; reducing employee turnover and the cost to replace people; the profits generally go up in any case. (There is a reason why there are so many recruiters in the digital; mainly LinkedIn; and physical world – it’s quite lucrative for the recruiters and hence a major cost for businesses. Add training costs of new employees and you have a real headache coming).

However, this is not the only angle of business representation.



Branding might mean different things to different people. But, there is no better representation of an organisation that showcasing happy employees. (The first stage is to keep them happy then).

Therefore, instead of spending lump sum on traditional branding services; most of which never go beyond the visuals; the angle of branding has changed. Now, the trend is to spend on employer branding, with the aim to attract the right talent for your business. And, again, in order to do that, you need to be showing the right image of people already working within your organisation.

Related to our business, travel for business connects well into this equation too.


Adding Fun to Journeys

Previously, we discussed ‘The Changing Face of Travel for Growing Your Business’. Put simply, travelling for business takes business relations to the next level. And, today, with the coming of digital options, this emphasis on the physical touch is even more impactful.

However, such travelling should not be treated as a mere business activity. Simply, you need some fun in your company culture and employer branding efforts. And, what better way to add some fun to your journey than some ideas for games with your team members. Here are our suggestions.


1. Memory List Game

In the ‘memory list game’, players are meant to enlist items they can buy from, let’s say, a supermarket. However, there is a little twist to the game.

Each player must start by saying: ‘I went to the supermarket and bought —–’. Then, the next player will repeat the last sentence, while adding a new item to the list, making the sentence: ‘I went to the supermarket and bought —– and —–’. This cycle is continued until members start forgetting the items and only one person is left, who remembered all the items.

If you want to add extra fun, make the items imaginative and quirky. You may even add detail to your items to make it extra challenging, e.g. instead of just saying ‘a dress’, you may say ‘a size 12 green dress for my little niece’. We will let you decide on the little details. 


2. Number Plate Scrabble

In the ‘Number Plate Scrabble’, a player must choose a car in the vicinity: going in the opposite direction, overtaking, or be overtaken. Once the car has been chosen, the game is a race to make a word using 3 letters from the number plate. In addition, the word must start with the 1st letter in the number plate and the sequence of the letters must be maintained. Examples here include:

GV65 BDR – Acceptable word could be BADGER or BORDER

B65 DTY – Acceptable word could be DIRTY or DUSTY

If the number plate of the chosen car does not have 3 consecutive letters, then the round is void and the next player chooses a car instead. And, as you can imagine, the winner is the person that comes up with the most words in a set amount of time.

To add further to the game, you may award points on the basis of the length of the words that each player comes up with. For instance, the word ‘Dusty’ will carry 5 points.


What fun travel games have you played? Share with us in the comments.

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