Q. Can I self-drive?

A. No, we provide a driver for our minibus and coach hires, so you can enjoy the time with your group and not worry about licencing and insurance issues – Leave it to us.


Q. What if your vehicle breaks down?

A. Breakdowns with our vehicles are quite rare because of the standards we follow.

However, in case of a breakdown, you will be in good hands because our vehicles (Minibuses, coaches and cars) are insured. In addition, we have a large fleet. So, we will take care of your needs.


Q. Are your prices fixed?

A. Yes and No, as it depends on your needs. Although our minibuses are luxury, we do have some standard vehicles if you have a budget trip.


Q. How do I book?

A. On the quote page, put in your details where a staff member will get back with a price. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at sales@omc-global.local or give us a call on 01865 377775.


Q. Where do I meet the driver when arriving at the airport?

A. Old fashioned but effective, you’ll see our driver at the agreed upon ‘meet & greet’ spot for your journey with a sign saying your name. In addition, we require you to provide a valid mobile phone number, in case we need to contact you regarding your journey.


Q. When will you drop me off when going to the airport departures?

A. We push for a 2 to 3 hours difference from the departure time for international flights. For domestic flights, we are able to accommodate your needs, based on the suggested timing by your respective airline.


Q. Am I charged if my flight is delayed?

A. No, we do not charge you any extra if your flight is delayed. Instead, we always check your arrival time before we dispatch our driver.


Q: I’m a single female passenger, how safe are your drivers?

A. All our drivers have gone through beyond-required vetting processes. This means that, beyond a DBS or CRB check, we also require our drivers to have a minimum experience of 2 years in their specialised field of service-provision. In addition, our journey details are comprehensive, including driver details, pick-up and drop-off times and locations, as well as GPS tracking. You will be in safe hands.


Q. How far do you service?

A. Beyond just UK, we even provide tours throughout Europe and can provide travel options any time of the day or year.

Q. Who are your typical customers?

A. Including both commercial and private tours, we service businesses, schools, social groups and lots more.

Q. What happens if I cancel my trip?

A. All bookings require a minimum booking fee of 25%. In case of a booking made less than 7 days in advance, we require you to pay the full amount at the time of making the booking.

Cancellations are allowed at any time. However, based on the amount of time remaining in the commencement of your journey, the money given back to you varies.

This includes:

  • No money paid back to you if the commencement period is less than 7 days away.
  • 25% of the booking fee is paid back if the commencement period is between 1 and 2 weeks away.
  • 50% of the fee is returned if the journey time is between 2 and 3 weeks.
  • 75% of the booking fee is returned if you cancel more than 3 weeks before travel time.


Q. What are your hours of operations?

A. We operate our transport services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, including all public holidays. Our Office hours are: 9-6pm, Monday-Friday. However our out of hours number is always open when the office is closed 01865 377775.