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It’s strange how the more convenience and comfort we experience, the more complacent we seem to get. 

For instance, technological developments have made routine tasks such as washing clothes so much easier and quicker over the last fifty years. However, we remain fairly unimpressed because we just become used to it.



Whilst it has to be acknowledged that sometimes developmental change has a downside, the changes in how travelling has become more comfortable are all good!

For example, fifty years ago, it was only high-end cars which were truly comfortable. However, nowadays, it’s commonplace to expect mod cons in most cars on the road.



The technology used in the transport industry in the manufacture of vehicles and planes is a major factor in the increase in comfort experienced on all journeys.

For example, basic manufacturing improvements such as suspension, tyres and seating have made a huge impact on cars and buses.

Moreover, the days of uncomfortable static seat belts and faux leather seats are firmly behind us. Equally, integrated air conditioning, both domestically and commercially, have contributed significantly in making journeys so much more comfortable.

Well, keeping the temperature at a consistently cool level on a warm day immeasurably improves any journey, long or short. 



Many improvements in comfort have been brought about by the increased speed in which actions can be done.

Whether that be using e-tickets for air and rail travel or using electronic passport control facilities, fewer queues and hold ups are the end result.

Equally, electronic entertainment facilities in transit pass the time and ensure a more comfortable experience.

In fact, most airlines have TV and radio channels available at the touch of a button. Furthermore, gone are the days when all passengers had to watch the same film, on the same screen!



Alongside the technological advancements in air travel, those travelling by road have access to a whole range of gadgetry too.

For instance, most drivers and passengers alike have access to high quality sound via the sound system.

Similarly, it’s wholly possible to charge a multitude of gadgets in the various usb ports available.

In fact, many vehicles will now automatically offer your seat belt as you sit down and initiate your windscreen wipers the second it starts to rain. 

Maybe the two most significant advancements in travel comfort and convenience are the means to make a phone call in transit and satellite navigation capability. Fifty years ago, this functionality would have been synonymous with space travel! Yet nowadays, these are a part of our everyday lives. 


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