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For many of us, even the idea of a long coach journey is nightmarish.

However, with the right additions, you can convert your anguish into a time of relaxation and continuation of your regular life. Here are 3 coach trip essentials to sort you out.


1. Headphones

This one is a no brainer.

With so many shows and movies readily available to download or stream on apps like BBC iPlayer, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you can make your own `in-coach entertainment”. So, with headphones and your choice of entertainment, it’s a great way to keep occupied on a longer journey and, maybe, even catch up on shows you’d otherwise miss.

Alternatively, you also have great music options through Spotify and now even Youtube Music. And if you’re not up for watching something, you could download free audiobooks or podcasts.

So, just sit back, listen and enjoy the journey.

Of course, the headphones also mean that you can enjoy your own “in-coach-entertainment” in privacy and without disturbing other passengers.


2. Boiled Sweets

This may not seem like the most obvious of essentials but they’ve can come in really handy. 

Whether it’s some Foxes Mints or Werthers Originals, some Lockets or Halls Soothers, they can help you more than you can imagine. Among the generally known benefits of sugar to provide energy, research has connected sweets with an increase in willpower. (We are assuming that if you are reading this blog, you may be in need of some).

In addition, sweets are always great for sharing with fellow coach companions and may even lead to a conversation.


3. A Water Bottle

This one may sound obvious but if you get it wrong, you’ll have more problems than what immediate water could have stopped.

Not all water bottles are created equal.

In other words, you should not get a regular plastic bottle that may leak or end up with that mouldy smell and need replacing regularly.

You need a more sturdy substitute, e.g. the ion8 or the Chilly’s bottles, as the perfect travel companion. Plus, these bottles don’t buckle when put into the handy pockets many coaches have on the seat in front. 

What’s more, these bottles are reusable, so you’re putting less single use plastic into the environment.


To learn more, get in touch with us today. Meanwhile, have a look at our Coach Hire services and find out how we bring comfort to your journeys.


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