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Understandably, at first thought, only the negative impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry springs to mind.

For example, a main area hit is that of flights, resulting in cancellations across the board. As a consequence, connected to it, the short-term fallout has been immense on the holiday industry. Alongside hospitality and entertainment, travel and tourism has certainly been the hardest hit.

Coupled with this, the lack of tourists has ground hotel and holiday let bookings, together with the whole Airbnb industry as a whole. 



Even with airlines’ plans to restart their schedules, no one wants to blow their annual holiday budget to find restaurants, bars and sightseeing attractions barred and bolted.

And if some businesses do run the gauntlet, the queues to buy an ice cream or coffee could dampen even the most ardent holiday spirit!

Additionally, throwing social distancing and hygiene guidance into the mix will understandably lead potential travellers to delay any plans.


Airlines’ Jobs and Pricing

Sadly, further doom and gloom is cast on the fate of those working for the airlines.

For instance, airlines are predicted to continue cutting the number of staff per passenger even after the pandemic crisis subsides. In addition, to recoup such heavy losses, it is highly possible that air fares will skyrocket in price.



Another issue to be faced in the phased return to a new normal is that of the imposed government quarantine regulations.

These include the potential for fourteen days’ self-isolation when returning home from foreign shores.

The ensuing practicalities of such a practice can only make travelling for pleasure deemed more of a chore. Additionally, practically, these strict rules could make travel under such conditions impossible to undertake.


Light at the End of the Tunnel

However, there might still be light at the end of the tunnel.

People love their holidays! With government funded furlough and grant schemes and nothing to spend their money on, potential holidaymakers may still have money to spend.

Holidays booked in the wake of COVID-19 may well be more of a staycation, based in the UK. Some might adopt the ‘life is too short’ approach and blow their savings on a holiday of a lifetime once the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Additionally, while it’s very possible that airlines may want to hike their prices post COVID-19, would-be passengers may still be reluctant to travel internationally. Therefore, if supply outweighs demand, prices will have to be discounted to sell seats.

All in all, the changes brought about by COVID-19 have been huge in 2020 but people are resilient and those in the industry who have managed to stay afloat may well turn the best ever profits in 2021.


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