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We may have jumped on the bandwagon of change now.

In the last blog, we discussed how business expansion has changed from our perspective. You can read that blog here:

The Changing Face of Travel for Growing Your Business Community

An extension of the same idea is closing sales.

Once again, our views on change in business comes from how the business demand has changed internally for us. Let’s have a deeper look at the said changes.


Business Change in the last 14 Years

We started off our journey by servicing traditional corporate travels.

For businesses in Oxford especially, a majority of such travels included strategic networking events that usually happened in and around London. Doing so, most of the business happened while socialising, or by building relationships that lead to business in the future through some added form of travel. All in all, travel was the main source of connecting with other businesses, which is still true today; just not to the same extent.

Then came social media. First Facebook and now LinkedIn, travel for business became the second layer of building new connections. In a way, social media now provides a buffer of sorts, where you are able to learn more about the people you are connecting with and act accordingly.

And, now, the digitalisation of developing business has transformed into a relatively more complex shape. Using the internet for business development has now taken the shape of building your name on Google, integrating secure channels, for instance apps, and providing added info on business, for instance the need to track travels. All these changes have happened during our 14 years of operations.

Today, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, most of which are closed physically later, where our role now is to project the right image for our clients.


Ups and Downs

We mentioned in the last blog that the overall number of bookings for our minibuses and coaches has reduced.

However, the said drop has been compensated by the rise in quality demands. Less in such cases produces more for us. Now, with the coffee culture on the rise, instead of drinking at a networking event, more sales happen sober, one on one. (Ideas might flow better with a beer but the business environment has become more calculated and mature).

We are not suggesting that events don’t happen anymore. It’s just the bigger events have been cut down in numbers.

Now, the small businesses are able to join the party and go for building smaller gatherings. In short, things have gotten more personal. Once again, digital avenues have helped here, for instance event bookings through Facebook and Eventbrite.

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