What is Your Adventure?

Who we are

OMC Global began its journey in Oxford in 2005 from a single taxi driver who had aspirations of providing a scaled luxury service.

14 years later, OMC has a fleet of over 15 vehicles, including cars, minibuses and coaches, servicing hundreds of trips every month, locally and Europe-wide.

The roots of OMC are embedded into quality customer service and delivering on what it set out to do: a professional service with bespoke vehicles. This level of service and customisation has resulted in clients booking with us event after event.

If you would like to read more about our journey or value, check our blog outlining our values and history.

The Idea Behind Our Vehicles

If we were just doing basic cars, there are a million other options.

Therefore, surpassing the basics is our bread and butter.

Our vehicles have been designed in house where our fleet is purchased brand new. Visit our fleet here.

Value for Money

Even though we provide a luxury service, we ensure value for money. Based on your needs, we are able to match the required service within the realms of your budget.

If you find a lower price elsewhere, please have a chat with us and find out the finer details. Our services are built around a mutual understanding of cost vs service, where there are always multiple options.

Clean Vehicles

Luxury is not just about the exterior.

Therefore, all our vehicles are maintained at the highest levels of cleanliness. In addition, we make sure that our modern vehicles are maintained at the highest level, making the whole business internally sustainable.

This means that our vehicles also maintain a high level of safety standards, following extended guidelines from the Department of Transportation.

Friendly Drivers

The final piece in the puzzle, our drivers are not just there to drive the vehicles.

Going beyond, our drivers have been trained to provide you with all the necessary information that can help you in your journey. In addition, we have an inhouse mobile app for our drivers, who are able to electronically gather the necessary itinerary for your journey while also staying connected to our overall network.

Even further, we make sure that our drivers have the necessary background checks, including CRB and CPC. And, on top of that, we make sure that our drivers act in the appropriate professional manner, while providing a beyond satisfactory customer experience.

Our Values




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