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‘Executive’ in an ‘executive car hire’ is not just a catchy word. It truly means something to be hiring an executive car. Therefore, don’t get sucked into title plugging and truly understand what you should be looking for in your executive car hire.

Whether for a fun night out on a hen party or a business airport service, when you’re looking to hire an executive car with a driver, there are several considerations you should never overlook.

Here are 5 things you should definitely consider when looking for a executive car hire:



You’ll have heard the expression, ‘safety first’.

This emphasis on safety is never more important to consider than when seeking an executive car service. 

On this safety front, asking these three simple questions of the company you’re looking to hire from is crucial.

  • Firstly, what is the age of the fleet and are the cars well maintained?;
  • Second, can the company provide confirmation of their alcohol and drugs testing procedure?;
  • And finally, is the level of insurance liability cover suitably sufficient and are details readily available?

Doing so will provide you with the necessary information to determine if your executive car hire is truly safe or not.



An executive car hire generally implies that you’ll be getting a driver. However, you cannot just assume that the driver is going to be of the highest standards.

Therefore, it’s also important to get a feel for how the hire company’s drivers are trained.

Here, the company should be able to reassure you that their drivers have the necessary expertise, reliability and knowledge to ensure a smooth, trouble free car journey.

Further, any driver you have should be professional and aware of any potential issues which may arise, specific to your destination. For example, adequate knowledge of any parking restrictions or any relevant airport regulations are a must and should extend to proper etiquette and mannerisms for an executive car driver.



Once again, assuming that your executive car is simply going to be comfortable, can be a mistake.

This is especially true in cases where the ‘executive’ is just a catchy word that has been thrown into the mix.

So, if you’re going to hire an executive car, you need to be assured of comfort.

Whether you’re looking for prestigious luxury or understated style, it’s important to be confident of being totally comfortable and relaxed, both physically and mentally.

Therefore, ask the company about the car itself, while extending your enquiry to include questions about the interior and facilities that will be included in the service.



Executive car hires are generally well-structured operations that have been tailored to provide the highest level of service to the customers. In fact, this emphasis on being well-structured is one of the 1st considerations when starting a car hire company.

In other words, you should know what to expect at any given time.

If you’re booking an airport collection, for example, ask if the driver will be wearing a uniform; carrying a board with your name on it; waiting in arrivals from the time your flight is due to land; and whether he/she will be made fully aware of any delays or issues with your flight arrival in order that you can be sure they will be there when you need them.

All these questions will save you time and make your travel more comfortable, possibly the whole reason behind choosing an executive hire.



Finally, it’s also essential to find out what the hire company’s cancellation policy is and how payment is to be made.

For instance, if a deposit has been paid with a balance outstanding, you need to be clear on when that balance should be paid.

It also saves a lot of embarrassment if you know whether driver tips are expected or have already been included.

In all fairness, in this day and age, most executive car hires must be digitalised. This means that you should be provided with the necessary information over an email, if not a dedicated app.


Concluding Remarks

A reason why we wrote this blog was to outline the expectations we have set for our executive car hire.

And, with the highest level of service for over a decade now, we have built a reputation of doing justice to the namesake – Executive Car Hire.

To learn more, get in contact with us today.


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